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The Poor Man’s Guide to a Low-Budget Product Photo Shoot

For Etsy, Artyah, Amazon Handmade, Ebay, Shopify and other online venues. Continue reading

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Buttercream Ducky Birthday and Smash Cake Tutorial

The twins just turned one and for their party I decided to make them something special. This was the second cake I’d ever decorated, so if I managed to pull this off, you can too! This cake was chocolate with … Continue reading

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6 Weird Ways to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning Bill

Feeling the heat? It shows up not just on your skin, but in your wallet, too. Here are six weird ways to keep excess heat out of your house and save money on your summer electric bill doing it! 1: … Continue reading

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Using up Old Jarred Baby Food to make Healthy, Easy Toddler Snacks

So, the twins are almost a year old now (I’ve almost made it!!!) and I deserve cake, dammit! But before the traditional birthday sugar rush, I wanted to share a great recipe I developed for using up all those millions … Continue reading

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DIY Mini Veggie Steamer

My baby boys have started solid foods! We are trying Baby-Led-Weaning with our twins, which involves delaying the start of solids until around six months and skipping the mushy baby food-from-a-spoon altogether. Chip-sized portions of well-steamed veggies, slices of ripe … Continue reading

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11 Practical Uses for 2-Liter Soda Bottles

For when recycling just isn’t green enough. For all of these DIY projects, start with clean 2-liter bottles.  Sprinkler Throw away bottle cap and label.  Poke several holes along ¾ of the bottle (the side with no holes will rest … Continue reading

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Hello, and welcome to my blog!  My husband and I are an environmentally conscious couple who are interested in all things green and back-to-basics—homesteading, DIY, frugal economics, homeschooling, cooking from scratch and gardening.  We live on a small farm in … Continue reading

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