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Planting Fruit Trees

I read a wise proverb once about planting a tree:  “It is better to have a $10 hole for a $1 plant, then a $1 hole for a $10 plant”.  Over the years I have learned just how good this … Continue reading

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Making Grape Jelly on the Farm

             The new house that hubby and I just bought included two mature muscadine grape vines. I’ve never tried canning before, but it’s been something on my to-do list for becoming more self-sufficient.  I figured that while, yes, we were still … Continue reading

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Recycling Cardboard in the Garden

Hubby and I have been moved into our new house for almost four weeks now, and I ran into the problem of what to do with all those empty moving boxes. Yes, I could just fill up the truck and … Continue reading

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Sustainable, Renewable Fertilizer

I love to garden, and to do it organically.  I don’t see the point of growing my own food if I’m just going to dump the same chemicals on it that they do with the store-bought food. Why put in … Continue reading

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Biodegradable Pea Trellis Ties

Thought I’d share one of my little gardening tricks. I’d like to say it’s something I learned after much hard work, trial and error, but the truth is it’s the result of my cheapness and ultimately laziness. You grow peas … Continue reading

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How to Keep Ants Out of Your Strawberry Patch, Naturally

I love strawberries, especially straight from my garden.  I love knowing exactly what has gone into my strawberries and knowing that a bunch of chemicals and pesticides weren’t included. However, I am not the only living thing in my yard … Continue reading

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Maximum Security Gardening

At my current house, I have remarkably little sun and many, many deer.  You know when you go to the store’s garden section and you see those tags that say “Deer Resistant”? I consider these an example of blatant false … Continue reading

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