Using up Old Jarred Baby Food to make Healthy, Easy Toddler Snacks

So, the twins are almost a year old now (I’ve almost made it!!!) and I deserve cake, dammit! But before the traditional birthday sugar rush, I wanted to share a great recipe I developed for using up all those millions of jars of baby food that my boys are now “too big” to want–all they want is the real stuff and won’t touch the mush! Of course, I had stocked up on sales and whatnot and still have a ton of these things, so I started experimenting on how to use them up. Hope this helps you!


We’ve been following Baby-Led Weaning but were still offering a meal per day of jarred baby food, mostly out of convenience. However, the time quickly came when the twins just wouldn’t have it anymore. This recipe will use up 6 4-oz jars of Stage 1 or 2 baby food and provide several baby snacks. It is very healthy with lots of oatmeal and, of course, the vitamins packet into those little jars! I’m using Gerber brand, but whatever brand you have on hand is fine.

You will need:

2 4-oz Stage 1 or 2 jarred baby banana food  (If you’re out of baby banana food, two       well-ripened bananas, with the brown areas cut off and mushed until liquid will also work.)

4 4-oz Stage 1 or 2 jarred baby foods, whatever flavors you have on hand.

2 Cups old-fashioned oats

1 1/2 Cups Baby cereal. If you don’t have any cereal left, substitute with 1 Cup whole wheat flour

Dash (around 1/8 teaspoon or so) Cinnamon

Splash (around 1/2 teaspoon or so) Vanilla Extract


We are going to make a base and then separate the base to make four separate mini sweet bread snacks. Mix together jarred banana, oatmeal, baby cereal, cinnamon and vanilla extract until well combined. Mixture will be dry, but that’s okay because we will be adding more liquid soon. Then, separate into four equal portions, in four separate mixing bowls.

Tablet pics May2016 138


Now simply add one of your remaining jarred baby foods into each bowl to make your different flavors. I used Pear/Pineapple, Pumpkin/Sweet Potato, Apple/Prune, and Peas. I was a little hesitant to use the peas, but it ended up tasting great and being one of the boy’s favorites! I have used a dozen or more different flavors so far, and really haven’t found any that clash. As long as my babies liked the flavors when they were eating them from the jars, they have liked them as these sweet bread snacks.

Tablet pics May2016 139

Now it is time to cook our toddler snacks. Grease four small baking dishes. I have also used just one big 9X13″ pan–the batter is thick enough that you can spoon the batter in and shape it to not touch the other batters. Just make sure you have enough room to spread the batter thinly without touching the other batters. To grease, I just pour in a little bit of olive oil into the pan and use my fingers to spread it around, but whatever method you prefer will work.

Tablet pics May2016 140

Now bake at 350F for 30-40 minutes, depending on your particular oven. When finished, the bread snacks should be browned on the edges and pulling away from the sides of the pan. When done, allow to cool completely.

Tablet pics May2016 141

Then I just cut into little bite-size squares, toss in a small plastic container and store in the fridge. These are served cold, so when snack time rolls around all you have to do is grab your container from the fridge and you have a healthy, homemade snack with no added sugars that cost you almost nothing (since you were going to throw the jars out anyway)! Talk about a Mommy Hack! These will store in the fridge for around 3 days, and will freeze for several weeks. My boys get these almost every day, and they just Yum them up!

May2016 067

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